We own it, we use it daily & we just can't imagine a life (read : home) without it.

We've all been using the traditional cupboards we lovingly call our 'almirah' & is an inevitable part of any Indian household. While the westerners call it their closet, some of us call it our wardrobe. All the same, and all the same purpose! Be it the classic wooden almirah with horizontal racks and a locker, or be it the steel one with various racks, locker and shirt-hanging facility, there's literally no home without an almirah. Each wardrobe, having a minimum of 4 compartments in it, is the perfect thing we need to organize and store our belongings.

BUT. Don't you remember the day you bought your almirah? How you had to hire a carrier vehicle and then was helpless enough to ask its driver to help you get your new almirah inside your home?! Or when you had to move things for cleaning, or just re-organizing your interiors - moving your beloved almirah always caused trouble!

Ever thought how easy it would've been if people came up with light-weight wardrobes so that you could move it easily - wherever you want? Now don't hesitate shopping more fearing lack of space in your almirah, or how much effort it takes to move it. Cbeeso is the answer for all your woes whenever you think you needed a portable wardrobe! Cbeeso's wardrobes are not just portable, it is foldable and collapsible too!


Introducing our range of portable wardrobes that are sleek and streamlined to fit into any household, to fit anyone's wardrobe-needs! Made of nonwoven fabric and backed by strong powder coated steel tube, Cbeeso's collapsible wardrobe can hold your clothes, bedsheets and blankets, hang your shirts and store your other belongings such as your kids' toys, suitcases, travel bags - literally anything and everything. Our sizeable collection of collapsible wardrobes that comes in a suitcase-like package is made keeping in mind the distress one has to go through while moving their traditional wardrobe. It's a huge space-saver when compared to the normal wardrobes and by owning Cbeeso's wardrobes, you're not at all compromising storage capacity.

Hang up to 25 shirts, organize your belongings in the (minimum of 5) racks which can easily hold upto 8 Kg each, organize smaller things in the side-pockets or when you're on the move, just fold it up and carry it around easily to wherever you're moving to! Organize your things neatly without having the fear of moving it around.

Don't spend hefty amount - not even that which will cost your a normal almirah. Cbeeso's high-quality, rust-proof and trustable portable wardrobe closets are affordable to anyone and is a must-have in any household. Well, atleast these folding almirahs save you time and effort!

Happy shopping with us, & happy setting up your own portable wardrobe!